Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Off-Road Unicycle? BC Wheel? No Space?

When I saw this I was literally laughing while I took the picture...then I was scratching my head...what situation would bring about this result? It looks like an off-road vehicle spare tire right? Why would this person need to take this off and lock it up and store it on a bike rack?  It's fully inflated, so the full-sized spare is still good. Hmm... 

Is this the spare of the spare? Did he buy an extra one just in case, but his storage locker in his apartment is completely full, so he had no choice but to temporarily store it outside?

I know, I'm assuming it's a 'he' because only guys would do something like this. Did he list it for sale on CL and decided to leave it outside for a public showing? For sale, perfect condition off-road, 16" mag wheel with P235-85-16R Goodyear tires. Go to Laurel and 7th to view. Parked next to bikes.

If anyone knows who and why this spare was outside on a bike rack, please comment...or if you have your own wild guess, please tell us your story. 

Was it a stag prank? Decision made under the influence? Insane off-road unicycle? BC wheel? Ok, I'll stop...


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