Thursday, September 29, 2011

Owning a Ranch in Vancouver?

You know you're rich when owning a yacht is nothing.  How about owning race horses..... on a the middle of the city? That's exactly what Southlands area of Vancouver is all about.  As you drive through this community, just 15 minutes from downtown, it feels more like you're way out in the country side.   Horses trotting down the street as Bentley's and Ferrari's dodge them is a normal sight here.  Some of these multi-acre estates even have a separate cottage for the horse handlers to live in while they take care of their prize race horses. 

Who labels Hardwood Floors?

As I was ripping up some old floors in an old 70-80 year old apartment building, I noticed the MADE IN USA label along the bottom of each and every board I pulled up.  It just made me think of when we buy shoes or any leather made goods, we often look to see where it's made, thinking (or knowing) that it's better because it's from a particular country of origin.  I just thought it was odd that the floors also were labeled, albeit face down for no one to see......until now......

Monday, September 5, 2011

You know when you're in a real Japanese Restaurant when... order Robster Tempura Roll instead of Lobster Tempura is awesome at Sushi Kimura. The robster is most excellent.  Try it with the biru (beer).