Saturday, August 10, 2019

Shooting Review: Ricoh GR III

The new Ricoh GR III. It took 6 long years before Ricoh finally came out with an all new design for the previously prolific GR series. It averaged a new version every two years since the film days, and then 4 years of silence. I was worried the GR III wasn't coming. It's finally here and I'm pretty happy. This is a long review, but I had a lot to say. Thanks for watching and happy shooting



  1. Hi Take! Enjoyed watching the extensive review. Thanks! After discussing the pros and cons, would you recommend buying this over the GR II? I'm currently considering getting into the GR system but mostly as a everyday carry around, secondary camera. (I use a Fuji X-T20). Thanks again!

  2. Are you able to use your Fuji EF-X20 flash with the GR3? It works on my GR2 but will not fire on the GR3.


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