Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day 7: Not Flowers Again!!

When my wife saw that I have another flower picture up on my blog, she said the above title. I know it's not really my style, but my exercise only allows me to post a single picture that I shot that day, the best shot of that day. Because I spend most of the day at work, most of my pictures are taken either at work, or on my way back from work on bike. I ride over the 2nd Narrows Bridge and then through trails and then through a park. I pass by a lot of nature, including plenti-o-flowers. Until I change the rules of this exercise, I just have to work harder to get the shots I want. I'm also a slave to the weather as well as the seasons. As I get older (and wiser), it's good to challenge my creative juices.....let it flow.....

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