Thursday, April 8, 2010

Day 22: I Dig Music

Some of the pictures I've taken reflect the things I enjoy: bike riding, eating, and obviously photography. Some pictures don't, like flowers and pets.....However, one of my biggest passions is actually music. If I had to give up all hobbies and only choose a single one, I'd say that music would be it. I love listening to music, I love playing music, I love writing music..... I dig music...... Anyway, finally, a music themed picture has made my blog.

I was visiting a newly re-opened cafe near my work, and owner clearly enjoys music as well. She has 3 guitars and a piano in her very small cafe, including guitar plectrums (aka picks) at the bottom of every glass sugar package holders at every table!! I quickly took this picture with very little thought to composition, although it worked out okay I think. You can see the over exposed picture of a guitar to the top left of the picture.

What drew me to take this picture was of course the piano, but I love the two Beatles' song books, which ended up being the focal point of the image. Notice the book cover is similar to the Let It Be album cover, but instead of 4 pictures of the John, Paul, George and Ringo on it, it's 4 pictures of screaming, crying fans. Way to sell the books.... weird cover choice for a song book.....

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  1. Take,

    I really enjoy your work, especially on You Tube. This is the only post I could find on music that you say you love. Do you have a favorite artist, genre?


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