Friday, December 10, 2010

Japanese Bob Dylan Busking in Shinjuku

I love street musicians. I love the whole concept of it all. The guts it takes to throw yourself out there and try to win over someone's musical taste in like 5-10 seconds, or else they can just walk away. This fellow had this Bob Dylan type singer-songwriter vibe going, and his harmonica playing was really good!!

I was actually impressed, and this is coming from a huge Dylan fan, an avid guitarist, and singer-songwriter!! But did you notice something about the audience? I couldn't help but notice that every woman who passed by all gave him a chance.... I mean every woman. Every age group, every height, every fashion type, every hair colour. They all cranked their heads as they passed by. Not that he was ugly, but he was by no means a Brad Pitt. I think a guy holding a guitar and singing his heart out has a certain appeal to women? I don't know....

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