Friday, December 10, 2010

Darth Vader: Selling Out?

So you've seen some of the pics I've posted of Lost in Translation-esque scenerios where Hollywood actors go to Japan to sell their faces to sell products, although they would never do so back home in their domestic market. And as I mentioned, I'm not judging them or their decision to do so. Money is money, and work is work. It's just curious, that's all. It's weird seeing some huge actor in N.America selling underwear or pop drinks or whatever in Japan.

That's why I was totally surprised to see Darth Vader peddling cellphones. I mean, for him, is it really about the money? Isn't it about universal domination and control? Is he a sell-out? In one way he is achieving part of his purpose of control, by trying to penetrate the Japanese cellphone market, perhaps trying to help Docomo to monopolize the entire market? That would be totally a Vader move.........

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