Sunday, May 15, 2011

Crocs vs Birkenstock

So back in 2008 during our family visit to Japan for my little brother's wedding in Osaka, we noticed he and future wife were both wearing Crocs when they first came out to meet with us. I thought they were hideous, as I'm a huge shoe guy (I flew in a pair of Allen Edmonds!!) and thought they were meant for the beach or the spa. But the rest of my family thought they were cool. They were the new "in" thing in Osaka at the time. That's the big difference between Osaka and Tokyo I guess, because I didn't see anyone wearing Crocs in Tokyo.

Over the next couple of days, everyone (almost) ended up buying Crocs.
At one point during the trip, with an ulterior motive in mind, I told everyone to huddle around so I could take a picture of everyone's 'cool' Crocs. After they all proudly positioned their feet in a perfect 'Croc-circle' formation, and just before I took my picture, I muscled my Birkenstocks into the shot!!

Ha ha!! The gasp from everyone after realizing they were duped!! Okay, I can explain the socks though.....a bit...... I have very cold feet and a cold neck. I always sleep with a scarf and socks on. So at night, I wanted my feet to breath, but it was too cold for no socks, so I put on socks...... hey, I don't need to defend myself!! The point? Crocs vs Birkenstocks. The Germans win! Fashion over Fad!

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