Friday, September 7, 2012

Cute Girl Riding Bike in Osaka

I love taking pictures of people on bikes. I enjoy seeing how people dress while riding, as well as the fact that I love bikes in general. The bike becomes the biggest accessory a person can have on, or be on.  The only problem is it's hard getting a good shot while in motion. I missed the whole top of her head, and just barely got her eyes as she whipped passed me. 

Only after I took the picture did I notice that she had flyers inside her basket, and probably old ones too. Was she that lazy to take them out? Was it her own personal public mobile recycle basket? Not too many public garbage cans in Japan, even though the streets are pretty clean. Sorry. Random thought......

What originally caught my eye was her black stockings with shorts and her checkered top. Only after, I noticed her green hoodie and pink bike matched nicely. Her whole outfit is actually well balanced, with her cream scarf and her brown shoulder bag thrown behind. Ride on cute fashionable girl! Ride on Osaka!!

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