Friday, October 26, 2012

Birks at Granville and Hastings in Vancouver

As I get off my bus and connect to my train, I always walk past this beautiful old building at the corner of Hastings and Granville in Vancouver.  I like this building specifically because it's on a corner, and I love the's a baby building! So cute! With its majestic pillars and tall windows, you would think this building would encompass the entire block!

As I shot through the spider web of bus cables, people gave me a strange look, wondering what I could possibly be taking a picture of. Was there a famous person across the street? A Ferrari coming down the block? What's happening?  I've watched people walking around here, with their heads down, coffee or iPhone in hand, not appreciating the awesome buildings surrounding them.  In fact, the corner I'm shooting from has another cool old building, the Sinclair Centre.

As a photographer, our heads are always looking up, around, behind and below. Often, we have to come back to the same location more than once to get the shot. I was here earlier in the day, but there were too many people and too much traffic to get a clean shot. Unfortunately, there's still one car to the far left...can you see it? Argh!! Cars are a dead giveaway about the age of an image...If I wanted no people or traffic, I would have to come back on a holiday morning when the streets are empty. I love shooting early in the morning on a holiday...good times...

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