Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Josh T and Mode on the Street

My buddy Josh and I thought we'd start a blog together a year ago. After much planning and discussion and debate, we launched a blog called Mode on the Street. As soon as we started the blog, I realized that we both had very strong visions for the blog and that a collaboration wouldn't work as smoothly as our good friendship. 

Josh is an animator by trade and loves fashion (he's the one with the camera in his hand). I'm a photographer and sign maker/designer by trade and I love bikes. We thought somehow we could do a blog mash-up: fashion, bikes, and signs. In the end, we both decided that I focus my attention on my blog, and Josh can focus on his new baby. So check out Mode on the Street. His blog's focus is on street fashion, and since he works downtown, he has a sea of subjects to take pictures of, including some famous people!!

I took the above picture as we were going out for lunch last week...he wasn't aware I was taking this picture. He was too engrossed in conversation with Kengo, another cool buddy of ours. It's hard to get a natural and non-awkward looking pose when walking. I wanted their feet position just right. I think I got the shot exactly as I wanted it.

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