Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Affinity Lo Pro Bike Frame & Kevin Bacon?

The best bike pics are when they're locked-up, and I came across a pretty rad one chained up on Dunsmuir and Burrard while testing out a new camera. I was just about to take a picture until car traffic cluttered up the background. I hate when that happens but I patiently waited for traffic to clear. Just when I was about to get my shot the owner hastily returned back to his bike while picking up a call for his next pick-up or drop-off. This could either be good or bad. Will he pose for me or not? Obviously he did...

Unlike many guys with awesome bikes, this guy wasn't a hipster. He was the real thing: a bike courier. He did this for a living, not to look cool (or maybe both?) Since I was a kid and watched Kevin Bacon in the movie Quicksilver, I've always seen bike couriers like rock stars. And this guy fit the part perfect. His bike was  a looker, but enough utility to make it practical (notice the rear fender and the tape along his top tube). Same as his clothing: cool but practical.

I didn't want to bug him but I quickly asked to take his picture. He hesitated for just a brief second, but he said sure. I took two steps back to take a quick shot...and just then the traffic cleared behind him!! It was in the middle of the afternoon and traffic was heavy but for this one brief moment, no cars or people!! Yessss...

As he was riding off into the sunset like a cowboy, I told him I really liked his bike frame. He told me the Lo Pro frame was made by Affinity Cycles in Brooklyn, New York, and they only made 30 of these babies. A bike frame made in Brooklyn? It doesn't get cooler than that, does it? Ok, San Fransisco or Tokyo would have been just as cool. Thanks for posing, and thanks for not being a poser!

Ride on Affinity Cycles! Ride on Vancouver bike courier! Ride on Kevin Bacon!

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