Monday, February 11, 2013

Fujifilm XF1 Review and Motion Panorama

Walking along the alleyways of the DTES of Vancouver, it can be a bit scary. It can be even scarier if you don't fit in and lug around a whole mess of conspicuous camera equipment. That's why I really appreciate the size of the new Fujifilm XF1. It has many of the same features as the it's big brother the X-10 and X-20, but it easily slips into a front pocket, or even hidden in the palm of your hand as you walk discretely through crowds and alleyways.

I have an upcoming full review of the Fujifilm XF1, but so far I'm loving the camera! The retrostyle reminds me of the old Nikon 35ti film camera, but the operation is clearly digital in execution. In the old days, I would have to drag around a Noblex panorama camera on a sturdy tripod to get a shot like this. All I have to do now is find the feature buried inside the Advanced feature section of the main dial and then sweep away!

I've been excited to try the motion panorama feature with the Fuji and specifically with the XF1 because of the ability to sweep the camera sideways. I can get the full 25mm equivalent on the vertical, and still sweep horizontally and get the optional 120, 180, and two types of 360 degrees.  The above picture was at a moderate 120 deg and I still cropped in the sides slightly. I'll have more sample pics soon.

A full review should be up in a few weeks, but I thought I'd post a few pictures along the way. The weather hasn't been cooperating lately, so I still have a few more tests to run when it clears. I'll keep you all posted with updates. Have fun out there...

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