Saturday, February 23, 2013

Cool Grandpa = Fedoras, Aviators, Hoodie and Leather Shoes

I was heading downtown the other day and I saw the coolest guy sitting at the back of the bus (where else right?). It didn't matter that he was an older gentleman. It didn't matter that he was mixing different genres and generations of fashion. If you're cool, you're cool. If you have the right attitude and style, you can almost pull off any look! He even had a really cool varsity ring on his left hand too, but you can't see it in the picture.  Look at the killer way he has his foot up against the seat...

If James Dean were alive today, I'd imagine him sitting exactly like him, in the exact same spot as well.  He was so cool, nobody was willing to sit next to him, and I was even a bit embarrassed by the way I was dressed...I rarely steal pictures from the front, and I don't do full frontal portraits very often, but I just had to get this shot.  He inspired me. Just because you're old doesn't mean you can't be fashionable without looking out of place. He wasn't trying to dress like a young person. He was just being himself. He pulled it off really well. Thank you Cool Grandpa!!

Taken on my iPhone 4 in HDR mode...yes, I had to be very still. I took 3 pics, this one was the only keeper. The picture looks great in b&w as well, so here it is. I added a bit of grain just to make it more impact.  

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