Friday, March 22, 2013

Life Imitates Art: Back Alley Loiterer

I was walking along my usual picture-taking route, checking out the alley ways for recent graffiti updates. I've noticed that there are always people standing inside the doorways along alleys for some reason. They don't look like delivery guys, nor do they look like employees or drug dealers. They just seem to be hanging out for no reason. Anyways, I found this fresh graffiti and decided to try and make the shot interesting by incorporating the two guys hanging out next to it. 

The graffiti character has a baseball cap on, awkward hand pose and a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. Oddly enough, the guy standing also happened to be wearing a baseball cap, a cigarette burning, and his right hand making the same animated, two-finger shape as the character's left hand. 

The trick to getting shots like this is having the people notice you hanging around long before you get the shot you want. I was shooting near them for a while before I got close enough to get this shot. I was taking pictures up close, and then backing up, making it look like I couldn't get the whole picture in the shot. That's where the wide 24mm equivalent wide angle lens of the Pansonic LX-3 comes into play. Give it a try...

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