Thursday, November 14, 2013

My First Day of Shooting in Tokyo: Finally!!

Ricoh GR Digital IV. 1/410th sec F2.2 @ ISO 320. Self Portrait.
Image of Leica X-Vario and Minolta CLE with 40mm F/2
I always carry all my cameras with me, but since I've been sick the past week and its been pretty cold here, I haven't had more than a few minutes here and there to take a few images. I've shot off a few personal images to family and friends, but no real serious shooting days. Today I escorted my wife to the local DAISO store and since she was going to be a while, I sneaked out and had my first real photo session. You have to be focused to shoot properly: manual focus, manual exposure, proper framing, perfect timing, etc. Walking with the wife carrying groceries and a hot tea in your hand is not conducive in getting great images. I finally had 30 minutes to get some serious shooting time in...I'll try and post the images tonight. My wife has dinner with a friend tonight so I think I'll be able to sneak off for 2 hours and get some night shots. Keep checking back for more images and happy shooting!


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