Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Shooting YouTube Vids with Lunakiwi: Ricoh GR Family Preview

Taken with Ricoh GR. 1/320th sec f/2.8 @ ISO 250 with built in flash. My wife Lunakiwi with Fuji X-100S.

I've started recording YouTube videos around town where I shoot most of my street photo images, in Gastown, DTES, Strathcona. I've done some camera reviews already, and I'll try my best to post once a week. I'll also start doing more produced how-to series on street photography about once a month with a proper video crew. Think DigitalRev meets Mijonju meets The Camera Store. For now, my wife (aka @Lunakiwi) will be my camera-girl, and other times I'll just hold the video camera myself while I shoot (I know, video selfies look weird). So here's my latest video, a preview to my upcoming Ricoh GR review. Enjoy and happy shooting


  1. Really nice to see you're making video's and love to watch. Can't wait to see the Ricoh GR review and your thoughts on this amazing camera. Looking forward to your streetphotography videos! Good to have a new photography channel on YouTube.

    1. Hi PixelToko,

      Thanks for your encouraging comments. Yes, I have wanted to do YouTube vids for a while but there were many obstacles in the way. Now that most of them are gone, I am free to shoot hopefully once a week. I'm still new to video so please be patient and stumble along with me! The GR video is more of an overview, but I focus on what counts the most. Because I own it, it's a very special camera to me. The video will be out in the next couple of days!

      Thanks again for your comment, and happy shooting!!

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