Sunday, January 3, 2016

Shooting with the Leica M and D-Lux in HK

Back in October John Lehmann of the Globe and Mail met me in Hong Kong to shoot some YouTube videos. For one of the projects we decided we wanted to shoot with Leica cameras, so we both approached our contacts at Leica North America and got what we wanted. John went with the M Monochrom Typ 246, an excellent choice. It made sense for him since he already owns an M240 and a few lenses (28mm, 50mm, 90mm); but which camera would I choose? After much thought, I decided to borrow the Leica D-Lux Typ 109. Why the D-Lux? It is a perfect camera for travel because it's compact, light, feature-rich and powerful. Check out my full review with pictures on my YouTube channel here:

With both of us armed with our respective Leica cameras, John and I boarded the famous Hong Kong Star Ferry system between Tsim Sha Tsui and Central District. Our producer followed John and documented him taking pictures while we travelled back and forth a few times, even following him at night. How did this project turn out? I had a great time shooting with the D-Lux. The focal range was perfect for this type of travel photography, and the M43 image quality was exactly excellent. Please enjoy my pictures below, as well as John's at his website here. Also check out our latest YouTube video documenting this mini project. Thank you Leica North America and local rep Eric Kerwin for your continued support of my blog and YouTube channel:

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