Saturday, May 30, 2020

Wireless Monitoring Device for Youtubers: The MARS X

Here is my latest video introducing the new Hollyland Tech Mars X wireless video transmission device. I did previously review their more professional Mars 400S system, and I really liked it. However, I didn't need such a robust system and asked if they could make a unit targeting small video creators like myself. Here's what you get for $179 USD dollars with the new Mars X:

1. Up To 3 iOS And Android Devices Monitoring
2. 112g With Rounded Crash-proof Aluminum Corners
3. 300ft Transmission Range (LOS), less than 0.07s Ultra-Low Latency
4. Pro Monitor Features: Turn Your Phones/Tablets into External Monitors
5. New App Features: App Firmware Upgrade and Smart Channel Scan
6. Built-In Battery with Multiple Power Supply Options: Built In 1300ma Lithium Battery With 1h Battery Life; Type-C (5V-12V) Wide Voltage Charging Plus Gimbal Charging
7. Single HDMI IN with 1080P And Various Other Resolution Formats
8. 8 Frequency Channels to avoid interference for Stable Wireless Transmission
9. OLED Info. Display: Battery Status, Frequency Channel, Video Format, And WiFi Password
10. Collapsible Antennas: Increased Portability, Installation Convenience, And Shooting Efficiency

Check out my video below, and if you wish to purchase the MARS X, consider using my B&H Video affiliate link. Thanks for your support:

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