Monday, January 16, 2023

2022 Fujifilm Camera of the Year: The Best vs My Favourite Camera!

2022 was the tenth anniversary of the Fujifilm X Mount, starting with the X-Pro1 released way back in 2012. When Fujifilm decided to launch the all-new mount ten years ago, the ILC market was dominated by legacy DSLR mounts going back to the film era, or weird-looking mirrorless cameras by Sony and Samsung. Fujifilm also decided to go with the APS-C sensor instead of the larger 35mm format. Although Fujifilm made an initial impact on the market when it came to camera design, they would need more than vintage vibes to succeed in this crowded marketplace. Ten years later Fujifilm is going strong, not only with their X Mount but with their medium format GFX line-up, as well as their INSTAX system of cameras and film. 

In this video, I'll talk about my pick for Camera of the Year for Fujifilm X Mount, but also my personal pick. What's the difference? Just because one camera is objectively the 'best' camera from a specific manufacturer, it doesn't mean it's something I need or want for my own personal photography. I start off by stating my pick for Camera of the Year, but the second half I'll do an unboxing of my favourite camera for 2022. I also talk quickly about lenses. I won't give you a list of all the cameras and lenses showcased in this video, but if you decide to buy any of these cameras or lenses, please consider using my affiliate links below to B&H, Amazon, and Moment. 

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