Sunday, November 14, 2010

Famous Hollywood Stars in Japan: Continue.......

Uniqlo is a huge clothing retailer in Japan, similar in pricing to Gap, but better quality and selection. They even do t-shirt collaborations with famous designers, artists, and iconic brands (I picked up a Ricoh GR t-shirt!!). They have a single store in New York, and one in London, and maybe Paris? None in Canada so far, but I think Uniqlo should be the model for all clothing retailers. I'm going off point here though.

I took these pictures to show how there are so many Hollywood actors who go to Japan and allow themselves to be plastered all over the place, as advertising in Japan is nothing like what it is in N.America, and perhaps even Europe. It's pretty "in-your-face" ad campaigns, sometimes with the same poster lined up 100-200 times in a row, or 50 foot banners off sides of buildings. I'm not complaining about 50 ft Charlize's and Orlando's, it's just odd seeing them out of context in Japan.......

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