Monday, February 14, 2011

Sign Shops in Japan

You would assume that since Japan has a plethora of unique signs on everthing and everywhere, that the sign shops themselves must look spectacular right? Huge floating neon signs, colour changing 3D spinning letters. Something awesome looking right? A sign shop should showcase what they can do, what they can build. It should attract attention? No? I've attached a picture of the sign shop I work at in Vancouver (well, North Vancouver actually).....

And here's a sign shop in Tokyo.....

I don't know. I'm a bit confused. The sign shop I work at is reasonably humble compared to some sign shops I've seen, but compared to this place in Tokyo, our shop looks loud and gaudy, while the shop in Tokyo looks so plain...... like a pair of disposable chopsticks...... hmmmm


  1. Nice Stuff, Thanks for sharing so much information about Sign shop...

  2. Thanks for your comment. Sorry for my late reply!

  3. Amazing stuff. Love those Shop Signs. I also wanted to made my own Shop Signs. Now i think i can do this by my own.


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