Saturday, June 4, 2011

2100 Bottles of Wine on the Wall!!

The most famous restaurant in Whistler is probably Araxi. But my wife and I enjoy the Bearfoot Bistro. After seeing staff going up and down a misplaced set of stairs in the middle of the restaurant all evening, we asked where it led to. After being told it was their special room, we asked the owner if we could take a peek, and so he kindly took us down into his Bat Cave. It was nice and cool (temperature wise) and it was nice and cool ( cool-factor wise). Notice the saber on the wood block table to the bottom right? Notice the white table clothed table to the bottom right as well? Totally in the way!! Argh!!

If you love to drink, and you love hanging out with friends surrounded by a lot of bottles of expensive and rare spirits hanging off the wall, and you love to use a saber to open your bottles of champagne, then the Bearfoot Bistro Bat Cave Cellar is where it's at!!

Fact: The proprietor of the restaurant, Andre St Jacques currently holds the world record for sabering the most bottles of champagne in under a minute: 21!!

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