Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fashionable Canada Post Letter Carrier

It appeared that everything this Canada Post letter carrier was wearing looked like it was standard issue, but it's the way she put everything together that stood out for me. I was lined up behind her buying a sandwich and I was impressed at how stylish she looked. The fringes of her long jacket reminded me of a dress fringe (you can't tell from the back, but she was wearing short shorts) , and her galoshes reminded me of stockings. She had this industrial, military school girl uniform look. I thought it was so cute. My wife said I should have asked her to take her hood off and look back, but it was rainy. I know she's German, and that she's blonde, but beyond that, I guess only I know how she looks!! But shooting her from the back with the hood on, I think it makes her look more powerful!!

Everyone should try and look good and stylish at work! Go Postal Girl Go!

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