Monday, June 20, 2011

Luongo Shrine

Vancouver is a hockey town. Yes we have the Lions, and we have the Whitecaps FC, and yes at one time we had the Grizzlies; but no other pro sports in Vancouver seems to unite all generations, races, cultures and sexes. My mom started watching the Canucks back in 1975 when we first came to Canada, and she had never seen hockey before in her life. She's pretty much watched every season since then, and even has her own 1994 era jersey (for the '94 cup run).

I was in a little Italian cafe near my house on Hastings, and I noticed they had a huge Luongo 'shrine' set up. They have autographed pictures of Pacino and other famous Italians, but Luongo took first place in both size and placement. I think the older gentleman in the picture is the owner, because he always seems to be in there eating something every time I go in.

Quickly taken on my iPhone 4 Hipstamatic camera. John s lens, Black Keys film.

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