Wednesday, April 4, 2012

1978 Toyota Celica

I saw this great condition (considering it's over 30 years old) 2nd generation Toyota Celica this morning while I was out and about in my neighbourhood.  It reminds of my childhood, as I remember seeing these babies rolling around new on the street.  My grade 1 teacher Ms. Kitagawa had a white one, and I remember how cool it looked compared to the other ugly, utilitarian vehicles in the staff parking lot.  Everyone else had 4 doors, and station wagons with wood paneling, but not Ms. K. She had a two door sports car!!  All those memories came rushing into my head as I took this shot.  I colour isolated this image and sepia toned the rest to give it a 70's feel.  The pinstripes down the side look factory (notice the c-shapes just behind the front fender?), so this car must have been garaged stored for years!! Nice........

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