Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hipster + Cyclist= The Future of Vancouver

He was waiting for his friend Lou to arrive when I approached to take his picture. His demeanor was nonchalant and his pose, casual and natural. I told him I just had to take a picture for my blog, and he generously obliged.  A few years back, hipster + cyclist combo was a rare sight in Vancouver.  I had to go to Japan to find them in droves.  But now I'm seeing them everywhere in my city, but they're hard to shoot as they are usually in motion, and it's hard to get them to stop and pose for you, unless you're the Sartorialist!! In fact, Scott complained about this very problem on his blog!! So lucky for me that my friend here was unknowingly waiting and posing serendipitously for me and my blog! 

I'm sorry my friend, but I forgot your name.  I was so excited getting my picture that I forgot, although I remember your buddy Lou and his bright orange t-shirt!! E-mail me and I'll put your name in here. Thanks!

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