Wednesday, June 26, 2013

An Impromptu Portrait with Leica X Vario

This morning as we were getting ready to go out, I thought I would do a quick Bokeh test with the Leica X Vario on my wife. Shot at 28mm equiv wide and F/3.5, I thought the Leica did really well. The sharpness of the lens is amazing wide open, and the background blur is just right. I'll perform a proper Bokeh test outdoors soon, but enjoy this one for now. I only have the camera for a few more days so I better get shooting! Full review coming soon.

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P.S. this image was cropped to a 21:9 aspect ratio to focus on my wife and the background, not the foreground clutter of our kitchen table. This gives you a good idea of the Bokeh at wide open. I can't wait to see what it will look like zoomed out to 70mm, but at F/6.4. This is a super sharp lens though!!

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