Monday, December 16, 2013

Daido Moriyama Helped Me Decide to Use My Real Japanese Name!

Hello everyone, 

I was watching a documentary on fellow GR photographer Daido Moriyama (in fact, we both started shooting with the original GR1 at the same time back in 1997!) and thought to myself: most Japanese photographers, artists, movie directors use their full Japanese names, so why not me? I don't know why I wanted to have an on-line psuedonym... I just thought it was funny and cool at the same time. I also grew up in Canada and everyone, I mean everyone mispronounced it!! The first day of every school year was a nightmare for me growing up. Even after 16 years, many of my in-laws still call me Taki instead of Take (ta-keh). Because of this I was a bit apprehensive about using my given full name online. The name Bigheadtaco came from 'Big-head Take', but I misspelled my name Taco because that's what I've been called many times, and its a play-on name from the band Bighead Todd and the Monsters.

For whatever reason, after watching the Daido documentary I finally decided to post my real full name. I entered the line 'photography by Munetake Kayo' on my main cover-page of my blog but then didn't like the way it looked against my old image and blog name and theme. So I decided to change it... and change it again, and again. 5 times I changed the image, font, font size, font colour, wording, etc. I finally decided on the image (I'm still not happy) and the font (not happy yet) and colour (I'm okay with colour for now). I dropped the 'random images of random things' and thought I'd keep the cover simple. 

I've updated my Instagram account with my full name as well. I still prefer to be known as Bigheadtaco, but if you wish to call me Munetake, or Take, or Mr.Kayo, or even Take-chan, please go ahead... just don't call me Taki, Taco, Taxi, Tucket, or Target. I've been called all these names and more... and thank-you Moriyama Daido-san for helping me decide to use my full-name. I don't know how you helped me, but you did!


Munetake Kayo


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