Sunday, December 15, 2013

Tokyo-X-Vario: Sitting and Waiting at 50mm

Leica X-VARIO @ 50mm equiv. 1/500th sec F/5.1 @ ISO 1600, manual focus. RAW file, converted & cropped in CS5 and Photoscape.

I love it when I find a great background to use as the foundation of my image. It's like my canvas. Once I find it, I test focus, exposure, and then I just sit and wait for the right moment to come my way. It's like fishing in a way I guess... I'm fishing for never know what you'll get. 

As I mentioned in my previous post, I decided to shoot at a specific focal length and stick to it with my loaned Leica X-VARIO. It's a great compact camera with a powerful sensor and a super sharp and versatile zoom lens marked at 28, 35, 50 and 70 for our benefit. I chose 50mm, and I promised myself I wouldn't zoom in or out, even if it meant that I would forgo or miss the shot. I became reacquainted with shooting at 50mm again. 

I shoot 40mm on the Minolta CLE, 45mm on my Minolta XD, 28mm on my GR's, and 35mm on my iPhone. I don't shoot 50mm very often, although that's the focal length I learned photography on when I was younger. It's a really cool focal length to work with, and I'm happy I decided to force myself to sick to 50mm.  I have a few good shots from this spot, but I decided to post this one for now. I like the position of his feet and how his hands moved to adjust his shoulder strap. The others I'll post on my final thoughts on the Leica X-VARIO coming soon. 

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  1. Shibuya, yes?
    I have a very similar shot, probably from the same location (across the street) :D... it is an interesting background.

    1. Yes sir, it's Shibuya. I love this back area, perfect to shoot people passing by. Thanks for commenting.


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