Monday, December 30, 2013

Random Portraits of Models with Leica X-VARIO in Shinjuku East, Tokyo

Leica X-VARIO @ 32mm. 1/400th sec F/4.5 @ ISO 400. Shot RAW, processed in CS5 & Photoscape. Shinjuku West. From left: Wendell, Diane, Leo

I know the Tokyo-X-VARIO project is officially finished and so I shouldn't be posting any more X-VARIO images unless I have a reason to. Perhaps I'm writing an article about street photography or a how to series, and these 'unused' images fit the article? Well, I'm not. I just love this series of images I took of these models (Wendell, Diane and Leo) and I couldn't see myself using it anytime soon so I thought I would post them now. I also thought it would be a waste to use these pictures on Instagram since there's so much detail. Even the above pic has been reduced from a 23mb RAW file down to a 1.9mb jpeg... I know, it's a shame. I posted a picture from this series during my Tokyo-X-VARIO project here, but I had extra images I wanted to use here's the rest of them...enjoy!

Leica X-VARIO @ 32mm. 1/400th sec F/4.5 @ ISO 400. Notice manager-agent in reflection to the right? Perfect timing.

Leica X-VARIO @ 31mm. 1/400th sec F/4.1 @ ISO 400. You can see me in the reflection between Wendell and Leo...hello.


  1. I don't often go to photo review sites, but this one is special. I love the candidness of the reviews, both positive and not so much.

    As far as the Leica X-Vario, I've always wanted this camera. I have an M6, 3, etc., and love film, but there is something compelling about digital as well. The quality you drag out of these shots is stunning. However, I don't have a penchant or desire to spend time with more than minimal post. I'm old and getting shakier, but I still love the images that come from this camera. I don't shoot people unless they're part of a shot I like, and love b&w. So there I am.

    In 2016, I am upgrading. I have the X100 and love it for what it is. I've debated getting either an X-Vario or X100T. Perhaps the Q is a stunning performer, but I'm not convinced yet, not to mention the 28mm fixed. I'm more comfortable with 35 or 50mm. Your X-Vario shots are the best I've seen.

    So thank you for your work. I look forward to more of this site.

    1. Thanks for your comment. The X-Vario is great but you have to work it. The images don't come by easily, but well worth it if you put the time. For the best out-of-camera images, it's hard to beat Fujifilm. The X100T is probably one of the best all-in-one cameras. I've written an article for FujiLove magazine here:


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