Saturday, December 14, 2013

Upcoming Reviews and Articles and Posts

Fujifilm X-20 @ 28mm equiv. 1/170th sec F/4 @ ISO 200. Cropped.
It's been a busy few months for me. I have projects coming in from all different directions and new projects being piled on top of older ones. I even brought all my files with me to Tokyo for a one month trip hoping to catch up there; but I ended up with unexpected work while there as well! Sorry for anyone who is waiting for me to come out with a review or an article that I promised in the past but still haven't posted it. I am working on it, or at least have a folder with images and notes waiting to be worked on. I thought I would just list the things I'm working on and projects that are coming up to keep me organized and obligated, but also to let you know what's happening in the world of Bigheadtaco. Here we go:

1. Ricoh GR-D IV vs Fujifilm X-20: comparison and review of the Fuji.
2. Tokyo-X-Vario: final wrap-up of Tokyo trip with Leica X-Vario and final thoughts
3. Ricoh GR Limited Edition: 2nd look at the new GR with all the extra goodies
4. Fujifilm XE-2 with 18-55mm kit lens: full review
5. Fuji Instax Mini 90 NEO Classic: full review
6. Minolta CLE with 40mm F/2: review with scanned images
7. Article: My thoughts on shooting film vs digital
8. Post: Bikeriders of Shibuya with X-Vario

Please comment below or email me if I've missed anything or want something reviewed or talked about. The majority of my most recent images have been posted to my Instagram account, so if you just want to see some images (mostly with the Ricoh GR-D IV), then please check it out here. If it's reviews and articles you're waiting for, I should be rolling them out shortly. Thanks for your support. Keep shooting and I hope to start videos in the near future.



  1. Loving your blog as I'm auditioning X-100s while rekindling my love of photography that started with Kodak Pony 135 camera in 1967. Your Shooting/Being in the moment article struck a chord with me. Thanks and look forward to seeing your upcoming articles and photos.

    1. Hi Angus,

      Thanks for your comment, I really appreciate it. Photography is something that I've always loved ever since I was young, and I enjoy sharing my ideas and thoughts; and I also like hearing other people's thoughts and ideas and opinions too. The Fuji X-100S is a great camera, and I actually rated it higher than my beloved Ricoh GR. I would own both if I could, but it's like owning a Ferrari and a doesn't make much sense. I went with what's familiar and the compact size of the GR, although the Fuji is actually the better functional camera. But better doesn't mean better for everyone. Don't worry too much about the tech specs. Just rent it or borrow it for a week and see if you like it. Once you decide, then commit to it, like you commit to your work or your spouse or whatever you commit too.

      If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email me directly or use the comments section. I'll have more articles coming up to help motivate all of us to continue taking pictures. Happy shooting!



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