Thursday, December 8, 2011

How to Avoid Monkey Butt?

I saw this when I was at a hardware store in Bellingham, Washington.  I don't know exactly what a monkey-butt is or what it has to do with shampoo and body wash, but the packaging is pretty cool looking...... I don't think I'd be enticed to buy it though!! Taken on my iPhone because that's all I had on me at the time.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

These Eyes.....

Since I've been sick the past 2 weeks, my wife's been driving us everywhere (doctor's orders!!).  I took this picture while she was driving today.  The way the low autumn sun swept across her face, it made her eyes and hair translucent, almost anime-like in appearance.  I didn't upload the full resolution shot, but as you can see this picture is uber sharp!  Taken with my favorite Minolta 35mm F1.4G series lens, it's the sharpest lens I own.  In fact, this image was not sharpened at all, but was stopped down to F/4. 

I'm Shooting with a Real Camera Again!!

I've finally replaced my old 6mp D-SLR with a newer (4 year old!!) 12mp D-SLR...... well, it's new to me!! Took this while I was sick at home....what else is there to do but a self portrait!  Look forward to a different style of photography versus my iPhone casual pics.....

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fluevog Shoe Decal

I love cool window decals.  This one was at the Fluevog store in Gastown, Vancouver.  It's a cool concept store with the design team office situated behind and above the retail store (you can see the stairs leading up to the mezzanine level) .  I love shooting an image on a window, and then having a second "layer" (everything behind the glass) of the image, creating this sandwiched, mosaic picture.

$8.50 Haircut!

I love seeing the old school, hand painted sandwich boards.  I saw this one in Chinatown and it was in pretty good condition. You have to wonder though, did they update the price, or did they leave the 1985 pricing up since it would be too much work to update the price?  I wonder......

Hot, Cold, and......What the?

It took me a second to figure out what the center knob did; but when I first saw it, I was thinking that perhaps the center knob dispensed soap, or was it a turbo boost, or maybe ipod volume control?  Look closely and you can figure it out pretty fast.... I still took a quick double take. Again, the iPhone was handy so that's what I used.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Anti-typical Dog-and-a-Pickup-Truck Picture?

I was shopping at a Trader Joe's in Bellingham Washington and noticed the oddest looking truck (an old military looking Mercedes flatbed truck ) with the most striking husky dogs sitting in the back.  I didn't realize how big these dogs were, especially their heads!  They were so passive and very friendly with everyone that stopped by to pet them, which was everyone who passed by!  It was difficult to get a clean shot of the truck and the dogs without people surrounding them. In fact, when the owner got back to his truck, he had a crowd of people (actually, all women) wanting to talk to him about the dogs. I was trying to talk with him, but about his truck!!  Oh well.  If he had to choose between a group of women or one guy, I know what his choice would have been anyway.  These pictures show the inherent weakness of an iPhone camera (super grainy and fuzzy in low light) but at least I had a camera on me.  Thank goodness for my iPhone.  Thank you Steve Jobs.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Owning a Ranch in Vancouver?

You know you're rich when owning a yacht is nothing.  How about owning race horses..... on a the middle of the city? That's exactly what Southlands area of Vancouver is all about.  As you drive through this community, just 15 minutes from downtown, it feels more like you're way out in the country side.   Horses trotting down the street as Bentley's and Ferrari's dodge them is a normal sight here.  Some of these multi-acre estates even have a separate cottage for the horse handlers to live in while they take care of their prize race horses. 

Who labels Hardwood Floors?

As I was ripping up some old floors in an old 70-80 year old apartment building, I noticed the MADE IN USA label along the bottom of each and every board I pulled up.  It just made me think of when we buy shoes or any leather made goods, we often look to see where it's made, thinking (or knowing) that it's better because it's from a particular country of origin.  I just thought it was odd that the floors also were labeled, albeit face down for no one to see......until now......

Monday, September 5, 2011

You know when you're in a real Japanese Restaurant when... order Robster Tempura Roll instead of Lobster Tempura is awesome at Sushi Kimura. The robster is most excellent.  Try it with the biru (beer).

Monday, August 22, 2011

Professional Dog Walker

I barely got this shot off with my iphone. It's not quick on the draw for shooting such impromptu moments, thus the picture is a bit blurry. Is it me, or should he have more plastic bags? I think I counted 9 dogs...... there is actually a professional dog walk walker's association. Check it out

Old Back Road Gas Station?

This picture looks like it was taken in the 1970's, and when I took it, I sure felt like I was back in the 70's. But it was taken today, and it wasn't too far out from Vancouver. Marine Drive in West Vancouver, near Horseshoe Bay. Cool car, and you gotta love that 76 logo......

Monday, July 18, 2011

Telephone Pole Poster Art

Is it commercial art? Is it graffiti advertising? Is it pop culture? Can't it be all three? I personally find that it adds flavor to a boring yet functional public structure.......

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Monday, July 11, 2011

English Bay Beach

I love Vancouver summers. It's light outside until 10pm! This picture was taken at about 8:30pm from the patio of The Boathouse Restaurant. Nice.......

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bush versus Fence

I'm still trying to figure out how this person did this....any ideas? Anyone?

Friendly Dogs

The little guy may look a little snobby, but was actually really friendly. I think he was just staring down someone who just called him Tinkerbell......

Shoe Portraits

The wives didn't know I stole this shot as we waited to cross the street. Thanks girls......

Nice shoes and man bag Josh! Thanks for posing......

Popular Telephone Poll

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

After Dinner Walk with Wife

Fuji Megadestroyer Track Bike

I enjoy riding a fixed gear track bike as a functional but minimalist form of transportation. But due to the lack of gears and brakes (I have fronts for emergency) I love the look of a track bike. I know it's vain, but there's no water bottle holder installed either, since it affects the lines of my matte-black frame! And nothing beats a Brooks saddle and Knog bike lights....Ride on Vancouver!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Royal Game: Bighead Vs Coco

Coco loves to play Chess. I love the idea of playing Chess, but I'm a very entry-level player. I see maximum 3 moves ahead, and my end game is not very impressive. But I do love the game. I dusted off my set and invited Coco over for lunch and a game. 4 hours later, we had to stop. I still have 1 knight, Coco still has 1 bishop, and we both have both rooks and our queen. What will happen? I think I'll be destroyed in 4 moves, but I can't see where it's going to come from....
To be continued.........

Luongo Shrine

Vancouver is a hockey town. Yes we have the Lions, and we have the Whitecaps FC, and yes at one time we had the Grizzlies; but no other pro sports in Vancouver seems to unite all generations, races, cultures and sexes. My mom started watching the Canucks back in 1975 when we first came to Canada, and she had never seen hockey before in her life. She's pretty much watched every season since then, and even has her own 1994 era jersey (for the '94 cup run).

I was in a little Italian cafe near my house on Hastings, and I noticed they had a huge Luongo 'shrine' set up. They have autographed pictures of Pacino and other famous Italians, but Luongo took first place in both size and placement. I think the older gentleman in the picture is the owner, because he always seems to be in there eating something every time I go in.

Quickly taken on my iPhone 4 Hipstamatic camera. John s lens, Black Keys film.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Tight Kerning on Sign!!

Found this sign on the glass at the entrance to a buddy's apartment building. The kerning is a bit tight don't you think? I can see this as a hip t-shirt design in Japan (random English words mashed together that makes little or no sense). You can see my reflection in the glass.......

shot on my iPhone 4 Hipstamatic

Fuji X-100 Versus iPhone

What a beautiful looking camera. Feels great in the hands too.
shot on iPhone 4 Hipstamatic

Very retro ergonomics. It even has a screw mount remote shutter release!! Sweet! Very tricky trigger though. You have to play with it a bit......
Shot on iPhone 4 Hipstamatic

Full rez picture using X-100 at ISO 800. Please click on it. Very sharp and very low noise.

The exact moment I took a picture of Jer (exactly 8pm), he took this picture of me with my iPhone!! Which takes better pics?Shot on iPhone 4 Hipstamatic

Monday, June 13, 2011

Backward Portrait: The Wives

The girl's had no idea I took this picture. Me and Jer were walking behind the wives and I decided to take this pic quickly. I know Jer's wife on the far right looks too posed with her arm swinging, but it was completely spontaneous and I just happened to catch it. Walking along Cambie and 22nd in Vancouver.
Taken with my iPhone using Hipstamatic.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Big Old Tree

Just a big old tree in my alley. I love this tree. It makes me happy every time I see it when I come home. That's all I have to say about that.

Shot on my iPhone using Hipstamatic camera with John S lens and BlacKeys B+W film

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The Backward Portrait. Weird or Cool?

Wife walking ahead of me in Tokyo...I like her new purse.

Cool dressed letter carrier... I like how tightly she has her waist belt, making her jacket more dress-like

Jeremy and his super cool Porter Japan man-bag

My wife getting ready to carve up 7th Heaven on Blackcomb Mountain in Whistler

I don't know what it is, but I like shooting people from behind. Why? I think it draws the viewer into the picture more doesn't it? You wanna see their face, you want to know more about them. Imagine walking behind someone in public, and they look so interesting from behind (an awesome jacket, cool pair of shoes, bright socks, classy purse (or man-bag), or just well put together over all!!), making you want to catch-up and get a glimpse of the face to put the entire equation together.

My pictures were all taken with permission of course, which makes it not creepy. Maybe I'll start a new fashion photography trend? Backside only? The cover of Time? Wedding Portraits? Drivers License? Look, even the
Sartorialist is doing it!!

I've posted the latest one of my wife as well as the last few I've done most recently just to give you a feel for what I mean about the draw of the backward portrait, and perhaps at the end of the year, I'll repost all my backwards portraits for your viewing enjoyment.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Double Wasabi Filet-O-Fish in Hong Kong

Growing up, I never liked the Big Mac. The Filet-O-Fish was small, but it was the tastiest for me. So when we were in Hong Kong and they had a special double patty, wasabi Filet-O-Fish, I thought I was dreaming. A Filet-O-Fish the same size as a Big Mac? And wasabi? Man oh man!!

I love how the picture is always better than reality in food pictures, but the contrast was pretty funny this time. Notice how far the top bun is over to the left, and where's the wasabi tartar sauce oozing out? Ha, ha!! I have to say though, it did taste really good!!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

2100 Bottles of Wine on the Wall!!

The most famous restaurant in Whistler is probably Araxi. But my wife and I enjoy the Bearfoot Bistro. After seeing staff going up and down a misplaced set of stairs in the middle of the restaurant all evening, we asked where it led to. After being told it was their special room, we asked the owner if we could take a peek, and so he kindly took us down into his Bat Cave. It was nice and cool (temperature wise) and it was nice and cool ( cool-factor wise). Notice the saber on the wood block table to the bottom right? Notice the white table clothed table to the bottom right as well? Totally in the way!! Argh!!

If you love to drink, and you love hanging out with friends surrounded by a lot of bottles of expensive and rare spirits hanging off the wall, and you love to use a saber to open your bottles of champagne, then the Bearfoot Bistro Bat Cave Cellar is where it's at!!

Fact: The proprietor of the restaurant, Andre St Jacques currently holds the world record for sabering the most bottles of champagne in under a minute: 21!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Red, Red Ship!

This ship has a lot of red on it. Most ships have either white or grey coloured decks, but not this ship. Perhaps they over estimated how much red paint they needed, so they kept going until they were finished? Perhaps the inside is also red? I like it. It's industrial and mechanical looking as a ship, but the red makes it kinda cool, like a Ferrari ship or something. I took this shot while riding home after work on the 2nd Narrows Bridge.......

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Nissan Figaro vs QR Code

I did an install on my customer's imported Japan only Nissan Figaro in Bumble Bee Yellow. It gets a lot of attention where ever it goes, so she decided to decal it, including a QR code. I thought it was cool that both the Figaro and the QR code were imported here from Japan, and both from around the same era, mid 90's!! We're impressed from things from Japan from over 15 years ago folks!!

For those who know how signs are made, the sign is not a digital print, but vinyl cut, which includes the QR code.... it wasn't easy to weed!!

Taken on my iphone Hipstamatic app, Watts lens, Black Keys B + W film