Thursday, February 18, 2016

Advanced IGer Workshop in Chinatown

***Due to Popular Demand: the workshop has been changed to an advanced class and the date has also been moved. Please make note of the changes, thanks!

I've been asked a lot of questions and requests concerning my Instagram account. How should I process my images? How do I grow my followers? Should I or shouldn't I use hashtags? Is a smartphone good enough or should I invest in a proper camera? What apps should I use to process my images? I've done my best to answer these questions here and there, but it never felt complete. I've run many private workshops, account takeovers, and coffeeshop conversations concerning the power of Instagram so I decided I better start a series teaching it in person. For those who are interested in the value of this visual based social media platform and how it can accelerate your brand, please go to Studio 126's website for more information. My friends Ryan and Anna are hosting the event so if you have any questions, direct it towards them. Due to popular demand, my first workshop will be on advanced Instagram techniques and management. If you are currently a competent photographer and IGer but still want to learn some new tricks, this course is for you. If you are a business and want to up your IG game on how to increase your brand awareness, this is also a good workshop for you. For more info please go to Studio 126's website. For now check out some of my Instagram images I've posted using my iPhone 6s:

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Non-Review: The Ricoh GR II in Hong Kong

Ricoh GR II: 1/60th sec f/4.0 @ ISO 400

I haven't written an article on the Ricoh GR in a very long time. I've been shooting with the Ricoh GR series since 1998 and it's helped shape my style of photography. The ability to capture images with the confidence of a full sized camera with unique features and functions that could only be had with a compact camera makes the Ricoh GR a very powerful photographic tool. I've owned many cameras as a professional and enthusiast photographer, but my favourite images were always taken with compact EDC (Every Day Carry) cameras. I have experimented with other compact cameras over the years but I've always felt at home with the Ricoh GR. I'm not saying it's the best, but it's what I'm use to. I 'get it' when people equally praise their beloved Contax T2, Nikon 35Ti, Minolta TC-1, Rollei 35, Olympus XA, Yashica T4, Konica Big Mini, etc. If I bought any of those cameras instead of my Ricoh GR-1 back then perhaps I would be singing a different tune today, although I don't see many digital cameras with a similar legacy today except for the current Ricoh GR line. So how good is the new Ricoh GR II and is it still a worthy contender to the newly released Fujifilm X70? Let's find out.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Leica SL Review: Love or Hate, or Both?

Leica SL with 35mm f/1.4 Summilux

I love the new Leica SL. Ok, I didn't have to actually buy it by selling my car and half my belongings to get it, so my opinion is slightly skewed. However as a camera reviewer I am obligated to to try my best to give an unbiased opinion based on my user experience as well as an understanding the current market place and where it is going. First of all the market is going mirrorless. Brands like Nikon and Canon who laughed at the idea that the future was mirrorless are now clamouring to enter the mirrorless market for the mid-level photographer. The market is also going higher end since the smartphone camera has decimated the sub $500 point and shoot market (except for waterproof and action cameras). The Leica SL is definitely mirrorless and it is premium. It's built like a tank, it has the highest resolving electronic viewfinder, it's weather-sealed, it's autofocus (unlike the Leica M system), and it's full-frame. This camera should be loved by everyone, but it's not. At $7450 USD body only (as of February 2016), many are up in arms about the SL. I've gotten more hate comments on my Instagram and YouTube comment section for reviewing this camera than any other camera I've reviewed in the past 4 years. Does this camera deserve the angst that it's receiving from many? Let's find out.