Friday, March 18, 2011

Coke is 125. Bigheadtaco is 1.

Yes, today is my blog's 1 year anniversary. Some numbers: total of 1573 views since I first began my blog (The Sartorialist must get that in a day at least?). I have 2 followers (1 being my wife.....). Besides Canada, the next most viewers come from the USA, Japan, Russia, the Netherlands, and the UK. Other countries to mention are Malaysia, Ukraine, Brazil and Belize. Although I don't really get comments, I do appreciate the views. If an astronaut viewed my blog from space, I wonder what country would show up in the stat?

As the day began, I was wondering what I can post that would be fitting, and I came across this worthy image, a more prestigious anniversary Coke is it! Taken with my iPhone while picking up lunch while at work

Still thinking about what to post today, I took this picture on the way home from work. There's a oil refinery near my home, and all the houses along the refinery were slowly bought up and made into park land, to create a "green belt" around its perimeter. It's been turned into beautiful parkland, but for whatever reason, they left someone's steps and walkway alone...... I've ridden past it many times but I've never taken a picture of it until today. So here is my pic for this day.... Happy Anniversary!!

The picture I took above reminds me of a stuffed doll magnetic my wife made a few days ago for a contest. His name is Mister Twigbeard Monster. What is he? Well, he's a twig that has a beard..... I wonder what's the name of the bird in his head though? Okay, although I took this picture, I guess the focus is my wife's creation. But this is my blog, I can do what I want!! So there!!

Ok, this is my final final picture for my 1 year anniversary post. I started my blog a year ago with a picture of myself (so vain!!) so I'll start the new year with a picture of my wife. Taken with my iPhone's Hipstamatic program. I'm pretty sure she's BBMing her sister...... Hey Cass!! She's wearing one of her favorite t-shirts by Ironhead, since it reminds her of Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven".... I'm rambling. Sorry. Good night and enjoy!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Impromptu Money Clip

Shot with my iPhone with no modification. Hipstamatic with John S lens, Blanko film, no flash. Emailed directly from my iPhone to Blogger.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tough Bike Girl

As mentioned in my previous blog, I wanted to post some good memory pictures I've had of Japan the last few years, and not focus on the disaster that is presently at hand. Here is another lost treasure picture........

Although I complain sometimes that I don't get to take as many pictures when I'm out and about with my wife, often she comes in handy when I want to take discreet people pictures. If I see a cute child and ask if my wife can pose with the child and I take a picture, people would almost never say no. Now, if I were to take the same picture by myself, no wife, people would be more hesitant, as would I.........

Anyway, I saw this really cool but tough looking girl on her bike in Shinsaibashi district of Osaka and I really wanted to take her picture. But unlike most who are too busy to notice me and my camera (I had my DSLR) she was keenly aware of my presence, so I couldn't take a discreet picture of her. So I popped my wife next to her, and told my wife to pose for me, although I was really trying to get a picture of the tough girl on her awesome bike....

I know, I used my wife, but she was cool with it!! Although it looks like tough girl is frowning because she's aware I stole a picture of her through orchestration, she had that tough scowl on her face way before I took the shot!!

Don't you love her face-stomping yellow boots in contrast to her fancy girly black stockings?!?!? Or her tough leather jacket, and how her huge black purse sort of disappears into it as she holds it under her arm? How about the splash-camo print on her bike frame? I love the guy in between my wife and tough girl with his bike too, wearing his suit, briefcase in basket, and cool brown shoes, and I love that straight posture......

Anyway, thanks to the wife for this cool picture!! Thanks babe!!

Mopeds are Cool!!

After watching all the horrifying videos of entire villages being picked up and swept aside, I wanted to see something that put a smile on my face. Something to remind me how awesome Japan is, and no matter how bad things are now, Japan has always bounced back from disaster, usually to the wonderment to the rest of the world.

I'll start posting some older pics the next few days from Japan. Fun pics. Cool pics. Interesting pics. This picture is awesome. There's so much going on. The guy with the star on his helmet, is he checking out the cute girl in the yellow top that just happens to be spotlighted by the sun at that exact moment? The other guy on his moped has his eyes fixed forward, so what's he looking at? The girl dressed like a hippie, does she notice me taking pics, or is she looking at something else? The woman with the umbrella shielding herself from the sun..... in the shade!! I don't know why, but I even love the guy on his bike with his back turned to the camera..... his posture is so straight!! I love the trees that line the street as well...... okay, 'nuff said.

Sun Setting.....

Low angle sun and dramatic light this time of year. Shot in my backyard coming home from work on my bike..........

Big Ship!! Tiny Ship!!

With the news of the devastating earthquake and following tsunami in Japan, it shows how small and fragile we really are on this planet. I took this picture of this huge ship crossing underneath the Second Narrows bridge while being pushed by two tugs on the way home a few days ago. I remember thinking how huge this ship was, and how small and insignificant it made me feel. These ships are the biggest things humans can make that move, and it's quite impressive seeing it from above.

However, after watching the tsunami, and how it tossed ships similar to this like it was a piece of paper or something, we realize no matter how big or powerful a thing humans can produce, it's really nothing against the power of our natural world.......

Friday, March 4, 2011

Cut, Color, Porm!

More Jinglish signage, but in Osaka this time. Zoom in on the stairs and you'll see what I mean!!