Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fluevog Shoe Decal

I love cool window decals.  This one was at the Fluevog store in Gastown, Vancouver.  It's a cool concept store with the design team office situated behind and above the retail store (you can see the stairs leading up to the mezzanine level) .  I love shooting an image on a window, and then having a second "layer" (everything behind the glass) of the image, creating this sandwiched, mosaic picture.

$8.50 Haircut!

I love seeing the old school, hand painted sandwich boards.  I saw this one in Chinatown and it was in pretty good condition. You have to wonder though, did they update the price, or did they leave the 1985 pricing up since it would be too much work to update the price?  I wonder......

Hot, Cold, and......What the?

It took me a second to figure out what the center knob did; but when I first saw it, I was thinking that perhaps the center knob dispensed soap, or was it a turbo boost, or maybe ipod volume control?  Look closely and you can figure it out pretty fast.... I still took a quick double take. Again, the iPhone was handy so that's what I used.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Anti-typical Dog-and-a-Pickup-Truck Picture?

I was shopping at a Trader Joe's in Bellingham Washington and noticed the oddest looking truck (an old military looking Mercedes flatbed truck ) with the most striking husky dogs sitting in the back.  I didn't realize how big these dogs were, especially their heads!  They were so passive and very friendly with everyone that stopped by to pet them, which was everyone who passed by!  It was difficult to get a clean shot of the truck and the dogs without people surrounding them. In fact, when the owner got back to his truck, he had a crowd of people (actually, all women) wanting to talk to him about the dogs. I was trying to talk with him, but about his truck!!  Oh well.  If he had to choose between a group of women or one guy, I know what his choice would have been anyway.  These pictures show the inherent weakness of an iPhone camera (super grainy and fuzzy in low light) but at least I had a camera on me.  Thank goodness for my iPhone.  Thank you Steve Jobs.