Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Osaka 2008: People, Places, Odd Things

Sorry that I haven't posted many new pics for my blog, just lots of pics of family and friends (that I won't post on a public blog). Anyway, I still have a huge back catalog of old pics to share, to keep everyone interested until I come up with a new project. I'm going to Tokyo and Osaka again in November, and maybe Okinawa (where I'm originally from). I'll post a picture a day during these times.... but enjoy these pics for now......

Traditional Wedding in Kyoto

View from Sky Garden in Umeda district of Osaka

Modern hair with traditional kimono for wedding

Odd Thing: Jack Black makes a mocha blend drink in Japan?

Lolitas in American town, Osaka

Umeda district at night

Tough, small girl with a tough, small dog.

A killer soba shop down this traditional street in Osaka

Kids walking in Nara

Lolita and Goth Lolita

Umeda district early in the morning

So many pop machines in Japan, but rarely do you see them being filled up.... until now....

Coffee house decorated to look like a wall of coffee beans.... a literal interpretation.

Modern art around a government building in Umeda district.

Odd thing.......just plain odd......

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