Friday, October 29, 2010

Yoshi Swims

Sorry for the slow-down in posts. I was sick a few weeks ago, and then my wife got sick. Then 2 weeks ago my wife's beloved cat Koko had to be put to sleep. Perhaps one day I will post the whole story and some pictures of the whole ordeal, but it was quite sad and tragic. Let's just say the vet messed up and basically forced our hand to put the cat to sleep.... not too impressed, especially of how it affected my wife.

As soon as the cat passed away, the turtle started having some issues with shell rot. My wife frantically did everything to make it better, including another visit to the vet ( a different one that specializes in reptiles ). I thought I'd take some pictures of Yoshi as he swims happy in his 55 gallon tank...... I'm not a big pet person, but it is pretty cool to own a turtle. Minus the cat, we still have a turtle, birds, and a dog..... man alive!!

My posts will soon be more regular as I'm off to Japan again for most of November. I'll try to post daily....... thanks for visiting!! Comments are appreciated!!

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  1. Is Yoshi your pet name? Or is it turtle's type? I have never listened to this word before that is why little curious to know


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