Sunday, November 14, 2010

Cold Apartments in Tokyo

Considering Japan is the future (my friends always tease me when I get back to Canada by asking me how the future looks like.....) heating in homes and apartments are pretty backwards. Tables with blankets on the bottoms with built in heat lamps to stay warm, and heated floor mats are all pretty cool and hi-tech, but how about centralized heating and insulation? I think that's a bit easier isn't it? I was told that houses are built to breath because the summers are so hot. Okay, perhaps that's true for Okinawa, where I'm originally from, but how about places like Hokkaido? They have the same problem up there too..... anyway, this is the heater that keeps the room that my wife and I sleep at night warm...... sometimes it feels colder inside the apartment than outside!! I feel like I'm in a cave!!


  1. Modern houses are not built to breathe, they are just built to last 20 years or so before being torn down. They use the cheapest of materials, most have no insulation, and they cost a fortune to heat or to keep cool.

    Again, no effort is made in making living better, just more full of tech.

    1. I find Japanese homes are fine for the humid and hot summers, just not done very well for winter. Thanks for your insight.


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