Monday, January 10, 2011

Baby Strollers in Full Force in Tokyo

Even just two years ago, you would rarely see baby strollers in busy parts of Tokyo. Maybe at a park or in the suburbs, but never on the Yamanote-sen during rush hour or in the middle of Seibu department store during the week. But in the last two years, I guess it's become more acceptable and almost trendy to have baby strollers, because now they're everywhere. In a place as tight and narrow as Japan, this can cause logistical issues, but I'm not to judge. The Japanese will always find a way to make it work......

I took this picture walking along an alley in Roppongi Hills area. I think it was a daycare centre, and all these baby strollers are parked like cars downstairs at the entrance of the garage.... I thought it looked pretty cute.

Another iPhone picture.......

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