Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ride On Hong Kong

Many of the working bike riders go against traffic.

Another going against traffic. My wife's uncle said they feel it's safer.

Lot's of older men carrying tanks of propane to and from the hawkers. Looks dangerous. Notice the smaller front wheel to accommodate carrying larger propane tanks in the carrying basket up front?

In an old fishing village. The hats and the old bikes makes time stands still here.

Another bike found in the same fishing village.

Another shot in the same fishing village. I wouldn't call them training wheels to her face though.

I know Hong Kong has a large population of mountain bike riders (due to the abundance of national parks), as well as hardcore road bike guys, and a handful of street riders (fixie guys), but I didn't really see many where I was. I saw the working class guys using it as a means to get product from point A to B. And when I say product, it all looked like dangerous, explosive product. Chemicals, propane, waste product......

They all seem to have the same type of bike too: old, steel, 1940's China style, but has sort of a Swiss Army design (the double top bar gives it away as a Swiss design for me). Obviously these relics were built like tanks because even though they're probably 60 years old, they work fine!! I spent most times in the middle of the city, so it's true you don't really see the hobbyists out riding, and most commuters take the super efficient public transit system. It's also very dangerous to ride a bike in Hong Kong in the city. Too many taxis and buses and trolley trains and people!! It's very different from Japan, where bikes are an integral part of the transportation system, and you see them everywhere, including the city centers (like many modern European cities).

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  1. These pictures make me want to go there now. Great pictures, especially the 2nd one from the top. You had to be in the middle of the street didnt you? Nice.


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