Monday, June 11, 2012

Palindromic Graffiti Logo at Emily Carr?

Walking past this graffiti outside Emily Carr Institute on Granville Island, something struck me about it, so I quickly took the picture and moved on.  Weeks later, as I looked back, I examined it, wondering why I liked the way the person decided to break the word ATTACK in two lines.....very cool I thought.

The top ATTA is a palindrome, and even the double T looks like the Greek letter Pi, which is also palindromic in shape. As a palindrome, there's this balanced look to the ATTA, almost iconic or logo like. The CK along the bottom is pretty cool too because it's a repeat consonant like the double T in ATTA, both the C and K making the double K sound in English.  

Aesthetically, the roundness of the letter C really adds to the overall balance of the rest of the letters, as the other letters are all made with straight lines.  The kerning on the two lines, how the cK actually touches the ATTA makes it clear that this is meant to be a single word or symbol, not two.  Even the angle of the A's work with similar angles on the letter K as well, and the cK reminds us of an iconic brand, only adding to the strength of this logo-like graffiti. Over analyzing? Yes. Just a kid with a spray can who had 15 seconds to make it count? Probably.

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