Friday, August 24, 2012

Cool Guys Riding Folding Bikes

Another old, lost picture from previous blog entry........

I love Osaka because it's a bike city. My brother goes restaurant and bar hopping with his wife and friends on their bikes. It's a great way to get around town, and a fun way to burn off some of those extra calories! 

I took a picture of these guys because you just wouldn't see this in N.America (except maybe New York or San Fransisco). Cool guys, or at least trying to project a 'cool guy' image, riding folding bikes. I mean, those things are not cool, seriously. Efficient and compact, yes. But cool? What are those, 8" wheels? But look at the attitude... it's like they're on hogs or a nice cruiser......ha ha!! I like both of their shoes though......


  1. wonderful bikes, this has lot of feature and it is a good bike for long distance.

    1. yes, my wife just got one. She likes it. I'm still a classic metal road bike kind of guy, but these foldables are growing on me.... thanks for commenting on such an old picture!


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