Thursday, December 6, 2012

Dream Job= Shift.Urban Cargo Delivery

A few posts back I spoke with Aaron at Whole Foods who was wearing a Charlie Noble Global Delivery hoodie. I thought it was a real company deliverying food on bikes, but it wasn't...although the hoodie was cool. Yesterday I was walking through Gastown and look what was driving past me: Urban Cargo Delivery. What do they do? They deliver Bites on Bikes!!

Check out the smile on her face. I didn't ask her to smile. She loves her job. I asked her. Hey, you must love what you're doing. Yes, I do... There's something about riding a bike for a living that appeals to me. You always work off your stress while at work and not at the gym, you stay in great shape, you always get fresh air (in most cities), you get to see your city, and you meet new people all the time. Extra bonus: bloggers take pics of you. Extra, extra bonus: if you get hungry, you always have food on you. And don't forget that 8 hour smile...

Ride On Biker Girl!! Ride On Shift! Ride On Bites on Bikes!

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