Saturday, June 15, 2013

Bokeh Test between Ricoh GR-D IV & GR V

 Taken with the Ricoh GR V @ F/2.8 1/40th sec at ISO 800

Taken with the Ricoh GR D IV @ F/1.9 1/26th sec at ISO 250

I thought I would do a short series of comparisons between the new Ricoh GR and the previous Ricoh GR D IV. I know when it comes to sensor size, there's no need to do a comparison. In terms of resolution capabilities, APS-C is superior over 1/1.7". However, I would argue that there are a few advantages to GR IV, which includes the fact it has a smaller sensor.

For many styles of photography, having a greater depth of field (more foreground and background in focus) can be advantageous, especially for street shooters trying to bring into focus as much action as possible in a given scene. However, if you're looking for a shallower depth of field or the "Bokeh" effect (it's a Japanese term approximately pronounced "bow" + "kay") then the new GR V will do a better job for you. When shot wide open, you will get a better separation between the subject and its background (or foreground). 

The above two shots shows the difference between the two GR cameras. Notice how my wife's eyes only look slightly out of focus when taken with the GR IV, but looks really out of focus with the GR V. The difference is even greater when looking at the wall in the background. 

Thanks to my dear wife for posing for me for this test. Personally, I think girls look prettier holding a camera, especially a Ricoh GR (or two)!

Info for camera nerds only: I shot both images with the bleach bypass effect, washing out most of the highlight details. However, since this test was on comparing depth of field, I decided to de-saturate the image by removing all colour. 

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  1. yes. there were female tourists (asian) shooting portraits with each other, with the GRD iv white version. You just can't help to say 'nice camera'!


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