Sunday, September 8, 2013

Leica M 240's Red Dot Attracts Attention

Taken with Rioch GR-D IV in macro mode.1/500th sec F/2.8 @ ISO 125. Edited in Photoscape.

I was walking through my favourite alley testing out the latest Leica M Type 240 camera, when a barista through an open window yelled out: "Hey, you shooting with an M9?".  Yes, the red dot gets a lot of attention. He wasn't the only person who noticed the camera, although he was the second person to actually call out to me and ask. The rest just lustfully stared at the latest and greatest Leica camera body as I quickly skipped past...

That's the problem with the Leica. Well, it's a problem and a blessing. A problem for a street photographer who wants to be invisible, but great for a hipster who wants his camera to be as recognizable as his rolled up designer "Japanese denim" jeans and vintage glass frames. Some have gone so far as to cover over the red dot with a piece of duct tape to avoid extra attention, like Mijonju! When I had the M Monochrom, it got almost no attention; and the only person who asked thought it was an old film camera! 

When I met up with my Leica rep to borrow the M 240 for the week, he didn't bring me a lens to test with it. I happened to bring the Minolta CLE lenses (28mm F/2.8, 40mm F/2, 90mm F/4), so it wasn't a big deal. Because of this, my review of the M240 won't be a full review, since the resolution and sharpness of the 30 year old lenses won't be able to keep up with this modern sensored camera. If anyone in Vancouver has a modern Leica lens and wants to meet up with me to allow me to borrow their lens for an afternoon, e-mail or tweet me! We can talk cameras, photography, or anything else you want.

Hopefully I'll have a review up by the end of next week, but until then, keep checking back for more pictures. Comment below for questions or opinions, and don't forget to follow me on Instagram. Happy shooting!

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