Sunday, November 12, 2017

Hong Kong Workshop: Aikbeng Chia x Bigheadtaco

Singaporean photographer Aikbeng Chia has been hustling it in the photographic world for just a few years, but he has accomplished much. Not only is he prolific photographically, but his ability to attract and collaborate with many brands is impressive.  Samsung, Huawei, Sony, Apple, Fujifilm, HTC, Google, The Guardian, Leica, Facebook, Instagram, Objectifs, DECK Singapore, Invisible Photographer Asia , 24hrs Project, Eyeem and EverydayAsia, just to name a few. When Aikbeng and I first met in Hong Kong last year, we knew we wanted to collaborate on a project, and a workshop was the first thing that came to mind.

We wanted to do a workshop that was different than what most photographers were offering. We both knew we didn't want to 'teach' people how to shoot, how to see or how to be creative. Instead, we wanted to give insight to other photographers of how to build their own brand by using our own journey as an example. No, we're not going to give you email addresses to all of our contacts at the various brands we work with, but we will share with you how we attracted some of the biggest brands in the world to work with us. Aikbeng and myself will also give you a behind-the-scenes look at our photographic workflow. What images we decide to post, what type of content we focus on, and how we pursue and create projects. Because Aikbeng and my brand are so unique, you will learn different things from both of us.

The end goal of this workshop is to empower you to grow, collaborate and contribute to the photographic community. We have Victor and Carmen of Barton1972 and Vishal of Camera Film Photo as guests and sponsors of this exciting event, and Vishal is also going to give a talk about his brand as a guest speaker. As an added bonus, we will be hosting a photowalk (time and place has not yet been decided) Sunday morning. Bring your favourite cameras, film or digital, and we can give some helpful tips, or we can just hang out and shoot!

Please read the poster below, register at and follow Carmen's instructions on payment. Thank-you everyone for your support and interest; and for those lucky few who make it to the workshop (we have very limited seating) we look forward to meeting you all.



  1. i just found your blog.very intereting.i must say you are doing great work.very usefull instructions about building own photographic brand and information about fujifilm and all that.

  2. Waiting for you to do this workshop in LA with Ibarionex and B&C!


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