Thursday, March 9, 2023

How Good is Wotancraft's Upgraded Waist Pack / Sling Pouch?

The fine folks over at Wotancraft are constantly updating their bags to make incremental improvements. The newly updated Waist Pack / Sling Pouch is no exception. Over the years I've been raving about the 2020 version of this bag. It's my favourite simple sling pouch for daily use and overseas travel because it's packable and versatile. I can use it as a large dopp kit, a waist bag, or a sling pouch. With this new update, they've addressed one of my two major concerns about the previous version. I just got these bags in so I have yet to use them out in the field. I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Let me know if you have any questions below, or any other bags you want me to review from Wotancraft or any other brand. 

I talk about the 2020 Waist Pack in my 2021 Germany video:

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Wotancraft New Waist Pack / Sling Pouch:
Wotancraft Mini Rider
Wotancraft 3.5L Pilot
Wotancraft Passport Wallet
Wotancraft Camera Straps
Wotancraft module coin pouch
Chrome Industries Dopp Kit: discontinued
Ulanzi J12 wireless lav mics
Clever Supply Minimal Wallet
Anker Wireless charger
Folklore Atomic Wallet

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