Thursday, December 7, 2023

First Look at the Billingham Overnighter aka the 'Bowling Bag' or 'Engli...

When Billingham USA asked if I was interested in reviewing the Overnighter, I said yes. When I started researching the bag online, the first thing it reminded me of was a bowling bag. The second thing it reminded me of was those 1970s vintage ADIDAS pleather sports bags I saw as a kid and dreamed of owning, but never did. However, once I got the bag in my hands, I knew right away I would use it as a daily duffle, not an overnight travel bag. In a way, I feel this bag might have a bit of an identity crisis, which is a good thing. It's way more versatile than an overnighter. 

Yes, you can use this for travel, but you could probably also use it for shopping, going to the gym, school, or as a rugged albeit elegant work duffle bag. I can also see hobbyists (fishing, camping, RC racing, drone flying, etc.) using it to store and carry their favourite toys around town or into the wilderness. Stay tuned for my field test, but so far I really like my new English duffle bag. 

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