Thursday, March 25, 2010

Day 8: Matte Vinyl Vehicle Wrap

Today was a rainy morning and I thought it would be a struggle to get a good shot of anything. After a morning out and on my way home, in a parking lot I saw the perfect subject, a perfectly wet and glistening VW Passat. Vehicles actually shoot well in cloudy and wet weather. This particular vehicle was matte vinyl wrapped by my buddy, and you can tell he did a pretty good job, considering it's his first vehicle. A roll of the vinyl costs about $1000, so a job like this would cost in the 8K range.
I shot at medium telephoto (so step back 20 feet from the car and shoot, so as not to get that fisheye effect when you shoot too closely at wide angle) to isolate it from everything else around it. In post production, I converted to black and white to keep the green vegetation in the background from distracting the eye, vingette the edges to focus the eyes to the centre of the image,and finally colour isolate the rear of the car to draw the eyes to where I want the viewer to focus their attention. I know its a similar effect I did with yesterday's flower. I'll try not to repeat the same photographic tricks 2 days in a row.......


  1. I think this is the most asiany picture you could have taken.

  2. Hey, that’s looking absolutely amazing. I am such a big fan of matte vehicle wraps and already have matte blue wraps on my car. It looks super classy and gave my classic car a wonderful makeover. Anyway, keep sharing such interesting posts dear!


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